Homebuyer Education Counseling Program

The LHC’s Single Family Homeownership Programs help low- to-moderate- income homebuyers achieve the American dream of owning their own homes. The programs offers  30-year, fixed rate mortgages, at competitive market interest rates. Assistance for down payment or closing costs is available for both first-time homeowners and people who have owned homes before.

Prepare Yourself for homeownership!

We understand the value of homeownership in our communities and the costs and oblications that come with it.  LHC's approved sub-grantee agencies offer homebuyer education workshops or one-on-one pre-purchase counseling to help you:

  • understand the rights, privileges and responsibilities of homeownership.
  • make wise consumer choices and avoid predatory lenders and other pitfalls related to home ownership.
  • learn about and access affordable financing
  • become a successful long-term owner by reducing delinquency and default

To find a homebuyer education counselor near you, visit: